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PuttPucks ultimate putting system is a unique 3-in-1 putting aid comprising three components, the central puck, inner puck and outer puck.


Many Golf Professionals advocate practicing your putting to a smaller target so when faced with a regulation cup on the course the target looks bigger. We are firm believers in this theory, but also believe that sometimes to build confidence it’s more important to spend time hitting the target rather than missing it.


With Putt Pucks® variable putting system (VPS) you can do what you want, when you want. Simply select the right-sized Puck for you and the challenge you want to take on. The outer puck is standard golf hole size, the inner puck, hockey puck size and the central puck is just bigger than a golf ball.


There are many different fun drills you can practice with your Putt Pucks®. You can view these at Enjoy the challenge and we guarantee you will Hit the Target™ more often.

PuttPucks 3-in-1 Training Aid

  • PuttPucks are made from precision engineered Aluminium, by a company who make parts for F1 cars. It slots together beautifully, whilst giving you some amazing new confidence over every putt. Each set comes with our "Hit the Target" ball marker and you'll be amazed what this new found positive approach will do for you scores.

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