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  • Do you ship to all countries?
    We are able to ship our fantastic products to you no matter where you are based. Once you have selected your products and added your address on checkout, shipping charges will be shown. If your country is not showing as available, please let us know and we can check costs and assist further.
  • Do all your products work well together?
    The anywheregolfhole is a regulation sized golf hole with a 2cm recess. It has been designed to work perfectly with both PutterCups and PuttPucks and there are literally hundreds of practice drills you can enjoy using a combination of the three fantastic Putting aids.
  • Do you have some recommended drills?
    On each main website,, and, we show a range of easy to play drills that will enhance your enjoyment of our products. We are also regularly publishing videos on our YouTube and Instagram Channels that show these great products in practice. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.
  • Do you supply your products to Retail Partners?
    We welcome enquiries from partner retailers and are able to supply goods subject to MOQ's being met. Our products are used by all levels of golfers, from total beginners, to seasoned Tour Pro's.
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