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You've probably all seen those miniature sized holes on putting greens somewhere .

The issue with these is that only the perfect lag putt would drop in and this promotes a weak putt, not a strong one.  

There were also gadgets that reduced the entrance to the hole, but only by adding a block at the back. 

So we set out to develop something that reduced the entrance, without blocking the exit. During design, this led to the perfectly balanced design of a 5, 6, 7 and 8cm entrances to the hole. 

Couple this with the simple way the tool can help visualise the entrance to the hole on turning putts and you have a super lightweight and simple Training Aid that cannot fail to improve your putting performance. 

That's what Ken says, and who are we to argue!. Visit for full details on all the drills and challenges we recommend or buy now on its own or alongside our other great products.  

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