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Maybe you've heard of cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman practicing his batting with a stump. Or Baseball players batting with a thin piece of metal. The reason; to make practice harder and therefore the real process simpler.


That was the aim of The LIttle One inventor Dan Bonomo when he developed the idea of The Little One.  A 7 iron with a head barely bigger than a standard sweetspot.


We've seen the faces of players once they've hit 10 shots with The Little One and you hand them back their regular club. It almost looks cumbersome.

But what we guarantee is that The Little One focusses your mind in practice and the confidence you gain for the next time you hit the course is significant. 

This is why dozens of Tour Players on the PGA and European Tours use this great product and why coaches including Sean Foley endorse it. This is one club guaranteed to help your game and this is the place to buy it. 

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