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Practice Your Putting Literally Anywhere with the anywheregolfhole from Dinamic Golf, available here in Lightning Yellow.


Our CleverCrown™ design trains you to aim for and find dead centre every time to ensure the putt doesn’t deviate left or right. Our CleverCrown™ also develops a super confident stroke to get you hitting the Perfect ‘2-Feet-Past’, helping you finish off confidently on course.


The anywheregolfhole recreates the exact dimensions of a Golf Cup and allows you to experience the feeling of holing out anywhere you choose to practice.


  • At Home
  • In Your Office
  • In Hotels
  • On the Beach
  • Anywhere Else!


and on any surface


  • On Carpet
  • On Wood
  • On Grass
  • On Sand
  • On Anything!


The anywheregolfhole comes in a choice of five stand-out, luminous colours:


  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink


The anywheregolfhole can also be used as a Chipping Target or in Tournament preparation to thrown down and play to Tournament Cup Positions.

anywheregolfhole in Lightning Yellow

  • Includes one anywheregolfhole in Lightning Yellow

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