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PutterCups is a four way cup reducer proven with Tour level golfers to help improve concentration, build confidence, vary practice and simulate pressure and is guaranteed to help you hole more putts.


First, choose which of PutterCups four levels you want to take on; 5, 6, 7 or 8cm. Then simply place your PutterCup in the hole with your chosen level facing you. Try to hole as many putts in a row without touching the sides, then increase the difficulty.


PutterCups are also great to turn the hole entrance to an angle to help visualise the entrance line of a breaking putt. Putting Guru Dave Stockton commented that PutterCups were the simplest and best putting tool he had ever seen and the product is used by Dave and his sons who coach many leading players on the global Tour's.


Use PutterCups for all your putting practice and your confidence and concentration when you hit the course will rocket, just as your scores will plummet.

PutterCups - 4 Steps to Great Putting

  • One of the lightest, strongest and certainly best putting aids you could ever have in your bag. PutterCups, the 4 way cup reducer.

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