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The Little One" is a revolutionary golf training aid that will not only improve your ball striking, increase your distance, elevate your concentration and improve your confidence but will also give you instant feedback on your swing that will result in more rapid improvement and lower your scores.

Our brain is focused on the task at hand even with a different sized clubhead! Hitting the ball with the center of the club is a constant priority regardless of the club you have in your hand. By having a more specific (smaller) target our awareness becomes more focused on achieving our goal. The "Transition" is the moment you are emotionally aware of the simplicity behind "The Little One" and the freedom it gives you to hit every shot without fear. The result is more consistent, solid, repetitive shots no matter what club you have in your hand.


Please read the following for our ideas and recommendations on how to start your experience with The Little One most effectively:

Since golf is about getting the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible, we will begin to train our senses around the green first.

After learning basic direction and distance control with your putter on the green The Little One starts to come into its element as soon as you reach the fringe.

Everything has a beginning and so we start with the golf shot that has the shortest ball flight "the chip". Toss a few balls down and gently strike some short chip shots. Not far; this is not a distance thing!

After spending some time getting comfortable with The Little One from close range move gradually back and choose longer shots with a greater flight distance and more "run-out".


Gradually as your chosen shot lengthens the feedback The Little One gives you on centered ball-strikes will develop significantly.

If you practice at a facility that has a spacious pitching area then by all means go as far back from the flag you want. If not then move to the range and hit some short running shots and gradually build up to a full swing.

Building the shot strength like this makes a transition from chips to pitches to half and full shots more gradual and reduces shot expectation significantly. Our aim is to get you striking your full shots as brilliantly as your short chips.

The Little One Training Club

  • The Little One is a precision made olf club available in Regular or Stiff shaft flex. 

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